About Me

I am an adept professional coach with 8+ years of experience as a wellness expert yoga teacher and coach.  I am a skilled motivator who is passionate about using strategic techniques to support individuals through the process of accomplishing goals that are in alignment with their values, strengths and purpose. 


My sweet spot is helping emotionally based people develop their emotional and bodily intelligences for increased resourcefulness as they navigate changes, challenges and growth with grace.  I use cutting edge, self-discovery/healing technology to help people transform in ways that had not previously experienced.  This work empowers clients with the tools, skills and resources to grow in self-awareness, accountability, and self-responsibility. 


My experience, certification in Co-Active Coaching and yoga, 2000+ hours in human development studies, and time studying spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica aid me in bringing best and evidence based practices and methodologies from various fields to my clients; I am trauma informed and trained in the Enneagram. 

More personally, I discovered yoga ten years ago while I was living in Spain; my boyfriend died suddenly from an epileptic seizure and my world came crashing down.  This catapulted me onto a path of spiritual and conscious growth.  At the time I had very little awareness, and few skills to cope with this massive life event. Over time, I built the skills, tools and resources to heal from this and past experiences, and to step into thriving. 

It is such an honor for me to use the awareness and resources that I gained through this experience, along with the training, skills and passion of coaching and yoga to give people the support they need to lead conscious and thriving lives.   Sometimes it is to arm people with the resources to expand their well-being, step into thriving, or expand their existing thriving. Through the work I do with people, I see that as aware people grow, they use their gifts and talents to give back to and serve the world around them. 

My mission is to help you develop the unique combination of tools, resources and support you need to expand your well-being in order to feel truly energized and lit up from the inside out. From this place, it is my intention to help you light up the world around you, and serve others with your unique gifts and talents.