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Igniting Intentions: 2018 Fire Ceremony for a New Yea

Join Kristin Urbanus and Rachel Sherron for an evening of ceremony, chanting, yoga, drumming, and intention setting. We will move through an asana practice in which we are guided closer towards our intention. We will tap into the wisdom of the body for deeper answers and take part in a healing fire ceremony. You will leave with clarity on an intention for the year ahead, a relaxed body, and an open heart

$25 in advance/ $30 day of

Kristin Urbanus is a life coach and yoga teacher and is passionately dedicated to helping people create positive change in their lives. She was introduced to yoga while working and living in Spain and has been an avid practitioner ever since. She believes that as we use the practice of yoga to expand our awareness, we find ourselves making decisions that align more with the unfolding of our highest selves. It is powerful to incorporate a mindful and physical practice such as yoga in order to unwind old patterns and bring about positive change in our lives. She believes that the practice of yoga is a lifelong endeavor that can serve people in a myriad of ways whether seeking to gain strength, flexibility, self-discovery, deepen spirituality, or physical or emotional healing.