About your coach

I am a certified life coach, entrepreneur, mindfulness teacher, and yogi.    As a coach, I connect to you in a way that gets to the root of what is going on and create a space of safety, fierce courage, and transformation; this gives way to new resources and inspires you to take meaningful action.  In this way, you experience increasing fulfillment and possibility, which helps you move forward from where you are to where you want to be.  Together we will explore your perspectives, the why behind your goals, and identify blind spots that keep you from what you want.  This work will empower you to take personal responsibility and create profound shifts in your life.   I look forward to supporting you on your journey. 



As complex humans, we have many different facets of our lives. When we bring empowerment into one area of our life, that drives positivity and forward momentum into other areas of our lives, helping to uplift and energize us in ways we did not previously see possible.  In our sessions, we will work together to uncover what is important to you, and how to best support you in your growth and forward movement.



I am trained through the Coaches Training Institute and am an  Associated Credentialed Coach through the International Coach Federation.  I have hundreds of hours of additional training in personal growth education over the years including training in the Enneagram.  



Values are intrinsic, something that we discover about ourselves. To the degree that your values are consistent in your life, you will feel fulfilled, energized, more at ease, and willing to take risks.  With some very simple techniques we can uncover your values and work them into your life on a more consistent basis.



Do you have lots of ideas and things that you would love to do, but need focus and accountability?  In our sessions we will work to unearth what is critically important to you, how to use your time and energy most effectively, and make an action plan in order to do so.  We will focus on your individual strengths, and challenge you to take courageous action towards what you want.


Life coaching vs. therapy

Life-coaching is different than therapy in that coaching takes someone from the present moment and helps them move foward in accordance with their values, goals, and highest self.  Therapy works with past material that affects one's ability to move foward in the way they would like, and helps to integrate past material into the present in a more harmonized way.   Life-coaching can contain therapeutic aspects, and visa versa.  For some people, therapy and life-coaching work great in combination.

Separating the past from the present

If your past experiences are interfering with the present in a way that does not allow you to move forward in the way that you would like, we will discover and learn how to work with parts of you that are seeking to be seen and heard.