life coaching - how it works

Is coaching right for me?  To find out if coaching is for you contact me for a complimentary sample session! 

Package sessions:  When we work together and over a period of time, clients take on positive momentum which fuels their growth and forward movement.  I work with people in packages to help them gain the momentum  and support that they need to move forward and feel fulfilled.  

the live on purpose coaching program

Live on Purpose:  Lead your life through empowerment, fulfillment, purpose, and love

This program is designed to help give you the clarity, support and tools you need to move forward with momentum, fulfillment, and into thriving.  Through our coaching and your dedication, my clients continually come to places in their life they only dreamed were possible.  I look forward to the opportunity to be a part of your journey!

This program is great for you if:

  • You want to expand your capacity for joy, fulfillment, confidence and ease
  • You feel held back by old patterns or beliefs
  • You are hungry for growth, learning and expanding your self-awareness
  • You have goals for yourself but you feel stuck or don’t quite know how or where to start
  • You want to feel more at choice with life, confident, and empowered


In this program you will be able to: 

  • Step into a compelling vision for your life that feels exciting
  • Incorporate your values into your life in a way that feels fulfilling and true to yourself
  • See possibilities for yourself and take risks that you could not see before
  • Recognize and manage your saboteur voices
  • Grow the awareness and presence of your wise, compassionate, confident self
  • Take meaningful action towards your goals
  • Acknowledge and learn tools to soothe parts of you not centered in presence


This program includes: 

  • 1 – Sample Session to learn more about you, give you a sample of coaching, and answer any questions you may have around coaching
  • 1 – 90 minute Discovery Session to set the foundation of coaching by diving deep into values, purpose, saboteur, and developing your strong, wise, compassionate Inner Leader
  • 8 – 45 minute coaching calls to gain clarity, resources and experience break-throughs around important areas of your life
  • 1 – 45 minute completion session to help seal the learning and clarify steps for your next forward movement
  • Ongoing coaching between session accountability and support via email to celebrate successes, hold accountability, and get support around challenges
  • Structured support which helps you to get clear on  how to effective intention setting
  • Visualization in the areas of:
    • Creating a compelling vision for your life
    • Connection to your Inner Leader, helping to steep in your own inner strength, wisdom, and self-trust
  • Optional guided meditation to help you get grounded and increase self-awareness:  offered in session or online


I look forward to learning more about you and to supporting you on your journey!

Xoxo – Kristin

Corporate yoga



Corporate yoga

Bring yoga to your workplace and improve comradery, reduce stress, increase immunity and treat your employees to the vast array benefits that yoga provides.    

A regular yoga practice in the work place is associated with:  

  • Gain strength and flexibility
  • Boost immunity by lowering cortisol levels
  • Improve energy levels and respiration
  • Increase awareness leading to more empowered decision making among many other benefits
  • Create a sense of positive community within the work space
  • Lower levels of stress, agitation and aggression
  • Lower absenteeism

Certain types of yoga help to tap into the alpha brain waves, which area associated with deep rest, and increased creativity and innovation.  This yoga can be incorporated into class upon request.

other Services Offered:

Mindfulness in the Workplace:  Mindfulness practices are simple, brief and help people become more present, which creates the conditions for employees to perform at their best.  Research has indicated the following benefits in regards to performance, resilience, and well-being:  enhanced focus & clarity, greater innovation & creativity, increased problem solving, improved immunity, greater ability to manage stress, abiltiy to view the big picture with positivity, and more.   I offer workshops which help to initiate or maintain mindfulness in the workplace.  

Private & group yoga classes:  Whether looking to reduce stress, work through physical injuries, gain strength, flexibility or practice mindfulness, private classes with one on one attention are a perfect way to do this.  Classes will be tailored to your needs.  Inquire within.   

Yoga & Life coaching:  As you stretch and grow your emotional capacity, many people find it beneficial to express this in their physical body.  Get centered, and stretch and strengthen yourself through yoga before your session.



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