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Heal at the root for the last time, and be free

I invite you to trust yourself, and commit to exploring these profoundly transformational tools to assist you in living the fullest expression of your life.

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1-1 Coaching

Do you know that…

You feel stuck because your energy is bound up in maintaining negative emotional reactions and limiting beliefs, and when you lovingly let them go, you can soar beyond what you previously imagined possible.

  • Energy has frequency, so when you apply the higher vibrational frequency of love to a frequency of hurt, you can heal limitations at the root level and experience greater freedom, resilience and love.
  • Living in your intellect is holding you back because your access point into deeper healing + a more fulfilling life is through your emotional, physical + energetic body.
  • You unconsciously carry patterns that are passed down throughout your family lineage and when they are not in alignment with the experience of life that you seek, you can heal this for yourself and for your entire family lineage.
  • Even if you recall beautiful childhood memories, previous painful experiences can still impact you as an adult…and that you can lovingly release them to experience greater freedom.
Kristin Urbanus | Healer Teacher Coach Intuitive
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Kristin Urbanus | Healer Teacher Coach Intuitive

Healing is the application of loving to the places inside that hurt.

— Drs Ron & Mary Hulnick

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A 1:1 Coaching Program for Maximum Transformation

You will experience cultivating supportive beliefs, habits and actions…

More loving and meaningful relationships & a greater sense of purpose…

Increased self-confidence, resilience and emotional intelligence…

A greater ability to use your gifts, talents and experiences to create a meaningful contribution in the world.

heal deeply, light up your world

I shifted into a relationship, and moved cross country to a relationship and location that is more in alignment with my highest good.It’s hard to explain what or how Kristin does what she does, but it’s easy to see the results of it in my life.

Her guidance is rooted in a profound ability to listen. She holds deep safe space for you to dive into the subtle intuitive parts of yourself. From the very first consultation, I felt so heard, seen, and held. The soft shapeless parts of my psyche were made accessible, my core values and skills were acknowledged and valued, and the hazy visions of my dream life were made clearer.

Over our six months working together, my inner world transformed, my relationship with myself deepened, and I refreshed the way I view my life. I transformed from caterpillar to butterfly, and this work was the cocoon. With the tools I have learned, I am deeply confident that I can trust my intuition and create anything in life that I want.

— Gwenna, California
The Process

These Tools + Process used to create long lasting change

The quality and degree of your transformation depends on your willingness + commitment to doing this work.

I have made tremendous leaps forward in my life because of her support.

Kristin is the best coach I have ever worked with. She is intuitive, emotionally intelligent, compassionate, and trauma-informed. I have made tremendous leaps forward in my life because of her support. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck or needs that push forward to make big changes in their lives.

— Katie, Colorado
The Process

The 5 Steps to my Process:


Identify what you would love to experience a shift in, heal or create in your life


Be guided to identify what is in the way of you experiencing this shift or healing

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Kristin Urbanus


Lovingly learn and integrate tools to assist in releasing blockages at the root level


Integrate updated and supportive beliefs, habits and ways of being in alignment with your heartfelt desires and effect the change you want to see

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Gracefully own and integrate your new level of consciousness; own your new creation and experience the freedom and joy of your new reality


Success Stories


I began to forgive, on a deep level, the grievances I had been carrying towards my mom. I feel more energized, lighter + free.

— Martha
Mandy | Testimonial

I received a promotion that’s more in alignment with my career goals, and I have been able to gracefully transition into this new work experience using these new tools! I am sleeping better and feel more calm throughout my day to day.

— Mandy

Working with Kristin was such a blessing and I highly recommend her; she was always understanding and caring.

— Maria, India

I am experiencing greater freedom, and  have learned to truly love, respect and honor myself in order to be a loving person to others.  

— Scott
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I invite you to trust yourself, and commit to exploring these profoundly transformational tools to assist you in living the fullest expression of your life.