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I feel so much lighter. I have worked to untangle and let go of complex emotional blocks and have seen improvements overall in my relationships and sense of self. I have even lost 15 lbs recently and feel so much healthier!

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1:1 Coaching


I now feel a near constant feeling of calmness, ease, freedom and relief to trust myself, to trust the process, and to be my Authentic Self.

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1:1 Coaching


I’m in a place where I now know that I work best at processing when I have space and time. I know what makes me feel grounded and how to find that grounding in the midst of turmoil.  I have so many tools and abilities to assist other people process which helps me in my career.

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1:1 Coaching


My work with Kristin is nothing short of life-changing.  I have literally re-wired how I connect with the ones I love, and how I live each day.  Instead of wasting my time and energy on being anxious, I now have an abundance of energy that I can put towards my wife, kids and the things I love.  This work has helped me to become fully alive again.

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Martha | 1:1 Coaching

I began to forgive, on a deep level, the grievances I had been carrying towards my mom. I feel more energized, lighter + free.


I have overcome some of the most deep-rooted fears and insecurities I’ve ever faced, and now feel a greater sense of confidence.

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Kristin. She held me accountable to specific and tangible goals, and I overcame some of the most deep-rooted fears and insecurities I have ever faced.

She was calming, she was flexible, she was patient, and she really helped me tap into parts of myself that while always present, would have never come to the surface without her guidance.

She also held me accountable to specific and tangible goals as part of each session and it was essentially a step by step guide (at my own pace) to overcome some of the most deep rooted fears and insecurities I’ve ever faced.
After seeing Kristin for 5 months, I have made the changes that I never thought I would be able to achieve. I highly recommend Kristin as a coach. She’s amazing.”

— Rachel

I have accomplished more in four months with Kristin than I have in years of talk therapy.

Kristin’s title is ‘Life Coach’, but I feel like that title doesn’t entirely appreciate and communicate the huge, positive impact her sessions can have in your life. Kristin genuinely cares, and she tailors each session to your individual needs. With Kristin’s help, I have been able to gain invaluable perspective on my life, what direction I want it to take, and how I can get there.

— Jessie, Chicago
Mandy | 1:1 Coaching

I received a promotion that’s more in alignment with my career goals, and I have been able to gracefully transition into this new work experience using these new tools! I am sleeping better and feel more calm throughout my day to day.

Soul Mastery Program

Katie, Colorado

I have made tremendous leaps forward in my life because of her support.

Kristin is the best coach I have ever worked with. She is intuitive, emotionally intelligent, compassionate, and trauma-informed. I have made tremendous leaps forward in my life because of her support. I highly recommend her to anyone who is feeling stuck or needs that push forward to make big changes in their lives.

1:1 Coaching

A, Chicago

I am beyond grateful for what this coaching continues to do in my life. It’s unparalleled to any other type of coaching or counseling I’ve done before in terms of rate of growth and new awareness. I have come to a greater state of acceptance than I thought possible in my life. You have and you are a gift.

Soul Mastery Program

Kasia, IL

Every time I entered the space, I was struck with Kristin’s level of calm and her ability to center an entire room. She exudes a love and respect for yoga through body, mind, and spirit. She is incredibly attentive to the needs of her students and is aware of any student’s need for adaptation for their well-being. I felt rejuvenated and stronger after each session. I highly recommend doing this course with Kristin, especially if you’d like to experience a deeper level of compassion, love, respect, and strength for your body, mind and spirit.

I have so much more confidence in myself.

Prior to this work, I always put others first over taking care of myself whether in my personal life or with work.  Now I know how to take care of myself first in order to be able to truly help others without becoming drained.

During this work, for a full year, I dedicated every week to learning more about myself and applying these tools to my world every day.  I was honest with myself about what I wanted, and willing to do the deeper, healing work.  I learned meditation to help calm me, and was able to resolve some deep seated issues that had always felt incredibly heavy to me.

I have learned forgiveness, to find inner peace and my inner voice in addition to making small shifts that have created ripple effects in many aspects of my life.

— Carrie

I am experiencing greater freedom, and have learned to truly love, respect and honor myself in order to be a loving person to others.

I have learned that taking small steps is a sustainable way to move towards my goals, thus I am more patient with myself, and I am learning to be more empathetic, and compassionate to those around me.

I have shifted out of a long term relationship that was no longer serving either of us, and have been able to dramatically shift my relationship with my boss, to be more understanding and compassionate towards him.

Before we started working together, I felt out of control and frustrated, and I wanted tools to feel more emotionally resilient so that I could show up better for myself and those around me.

This is way more effective than therapy!

— Scott
Gwenna, California | 1:1 Coaching

Her guidance is rooted in a profound ability to listen. She holds deep safe space for you to dive into the subtle intuitive parts of yourself. From the very first consultation, I felt so heard, seen, and held.

I am living more fully from the experience of be-ing & from a much higher perspective from her guidance.

Working with Kristin was the best gift my spiritual TEAM helped me give to myself & I am grateful for the all the growing pains that have guided me to a greater experience I’m reaping from doing so. We started by laying out perspectives & as we did with each session, always having a higher perspective guiding us. Kristin’s coaching ability and the love she has for helping people has propelled me to now feel like I am living more fully from the experience of be-ing & from a much higher perspective from her guidance. Thank you Kristin for all that you are & all that you do to make this world a better place.

— Frederick, Chicago

I am so thankful I crossed paths with Kristin when I did. Being in my 20s was TOUGH for me;

I sought out Kristin when I felt overwhelmed with life’s options and possibilities. Working with Kristin was such a blessing and I highly recommend her; she was always understanding and caring.  She helped me with direction.  We got to the bottom of my core values, what feels right and what doesn’t feel right in my life.  Do not hesitate to reach out to her, she will help guide you on your path!

— Maria, India
Renee | 1:1 Coaching Meditation

I am now connected to the part of myself that always knows what to do. I have also been able to manifest an amazing new job in alignment with how I want to grow that I start next month!

1:1 Coaching

Annie, IL

Kristin has this radiance about her that really allows her to see others in a special way. Her connection to yoga, spirituality and commitment to self-understanding is what makes her coaching so powerful.

1:1 Coaching


Kristin is a wonderful coach. I now feel more confident and have gained more clarity with regards to my relationship, empowerment with regards to my career.  I can definitely say that I have taken away many new skills and ways of thinking from my time with Kristin and I am grateful for all of her support!

1:1 Coaching

Kate, IL

I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Kristin.I was able to gain confidence in myself to make significant career changes, create a more positive mindset and get closer to performing at my highest, most ambitious, level.I value our time together and cannot wait to see where I push myself to go next.  Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to me as your client.  You are personable, supportive, and relatable.

Amazing.  The biggest internal shift I had is recognizing that, with my internal guidance and wisdom, I have a source that can lead me to accomplish any goal that I set for myself. 

As a result and milestone, I was promoted to manager and lead a team of IT professionals and recognized as an expert in my field.

Going through this process of coaching, and all the helpful tips provided, has helped me to articulate my goals and path to accomplish them.

Kristin was instrumental in the work being a positive experience and I would highly recommend others have her for their coach.

— Marcus, PA

I’ve learned how to discover a stronger sense of self and build confidence from the inside.  

Kristin used experiential tools to guide me through very challenging times, which opened a healing way of relating to my past, my work and my future.This has made a big impact on my growth, and I have become more confident, discovered my inner calm, connected with the happy side of myself, and have better communication.

Kristin is a great coach with strong knowledge; working with her has been very valuable.

— Lendy, CA

She supported me and helped my vision convert into reality.

Kristin has been wonderful to work with. She has supported me and helped my vision convert into reality. She has guided me to listen to my inner wisdom and not only has the capability to guide and support you but help you actually achieve your goals. Thank you Kristin for your support. It is invaluable.

— Nik, Chicago
1:1 Coaching

Juan, Chicago

Sometimes the most difficult step is to acknowledge the need for help, but in acknowledging the need I was able to ask the Universe for help.  When doing so the Universe provided me with an incredible healer: Kristin We worked with the deep rooted issues and emotions that arose and allowed me to see what they were trying to communicate.  I am incredibly thankful to Kristin for her continued work in all of her fields and her ability to implement them to be useful tools in healing for me and the world.  Thank you.

1:1 Coaching


Working together has been so valuable. During our sessions, she has helped me define my values and connect to my inner wisdom in order to design my future. With her guidance, I have been able to pinpoint what tends to hold me back from living to my fullest potential. We worked together to create new attainable goals and habits that have inspired me to finally start my own business! I have gained so much clarity from working with her and I’m forever thankful.

1:1 Coaching

Melissa, California

I just finished coaching with Kristin.  Kristin was beyond delightful to work with, she’s genuinely invested and tuned in to where you are at and where you’d like to be in your life.  She guided me gently and very sweetly into a place within myself that had the answers I was looking for.

I left every session more content and confident within myself and discovered the tools I already possess that have been extremely helpful. Thank you Kristin!