Heal With Grace
1:1 Coaching Meditation


I am now connected to the part of myself that always knows what to do.

I have also been able to manifest an amazing new job in alignment with how I want to grow that I start next month!

Where were you when we began working together?

Before I started working with Kristin, I felt messy, without a foundation, and I knew that I needed to work on some deep foundational pieces of myself but didn’t know how to start.  When I first met with Kristin, I knew that she would be an amazing person to help me on that journey but I had no idea just how much I would grow with her guidance and support.

What inner and outer changes have you experienced since then?

While working with Kristin, I’ve been able to better understand my emotions and how to better regulate them in a healthy way. I also have more insight into how and why my emotions present themselves in particular situations. I’ve been able to do some very deep healing of wounds that I wasn’t even aware I was still carrying and have found more compassion for myself than I’ve ever had before. 

Additionally, I have been able to manifest some really amazing things in my life, including an amazing new job in alignment with how I want to grow, that I start next month!

What is the biggest shift you have experienced as a result of this work up until now?

The biggest shift I’ve experienced working with Kristin is compassion and understanding for myself, and a connection to that part of me that knows the next right step. Now I am connected to the part of myself that always knows what to do, whereas before I spent a lot of time second guessing myself.

How has this work impacted you moving forward?

Working with Kristin has led me to a better understanding of myself and my emotions along with tools to be able to help myself through times of dysregulation. Without this I think it would have taken me much longer to find the right path and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.