Heal With Grace

Join My 5-Day Meditation Series

Meditation assists you in slowing down and making intentional choices from a place of centeredness and in alignment with the outcomes you seek rather than from old, habituated patterns. 

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Just 5 minutes of consciously slowing down and breathing can have a marked effect on your mood in the moment, and over time.

Research shows that regular meditation helps to reduce the bodies production of cortisol, making it easier to navigate stress over time.  In one study, 60% of people who experienced anxiety showed marked improvements in anxiety levels after 6-9 months of a regular meditation practice.

Each day you will receive a carefully crafted 10 minute meditation designed to assist you in:

  • connecting you to your body + breath
  • prioritizing your well-being
  • raising your vibration
  • connecting you to your innate resourcefulness, wholeness + inner knowing
  • accessing a greater set of tools 

See your Meditation Curriculum:

Day 1:  Calm Your Mind

Day 2:  Awaken to the Power of Intention

Day 3:  Rest + Replenishment: Explore Self-honoring Choices

Day 4:  Wake up to the Wisdom of Your Breath

Day 5:  Experience the Power of Gratitude