Heal With Grace

Yoga Classes

My classes seek to find a balance between safe alignment, an intuitive yet grounded practice, and inviting wisdom of the body to come forward to support a healthy nervous system.

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Kristin doing Yoga In Crow Pose
Kristing Urbanus Yoga Teacher

What to Expect

As a teacher, I offer a safe and nurturing space and guide students to use the practice of yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and present body awareness to move through breath centered practices. The intention is around strengthening our relationship with ourselves by building a greater sense of awareness of our experience, and allowing our bodies to maintain or gently be guided back to the natural rhythms that support a healthy body and nervous system.

I first discovered yoga while working and living in Seville, Spain. A friend of mine recommended yoga and said, “If you practice yoga consistently and over time, it will change your life.” Throughout the years I have found this to be true, not as one life changing moment, but rather a slow progression and practice over time.

As we use the practice of yoga to expand our awareness, we find ourselves making decisions that align more with the unfolding of our highest selves. We learn to connect with our inherent wholeness. Through the practice, we explore sensation, become curious about our experience and practice acceptance. Because everything that we experience happens in our body, it is powerful to incorporate a mindful and physical practice such as yoga in order to unwind old patterns and bring about positive change in our lives.

I believe that the practice of yoga is a lifelong endeavor that can serve people in a myriad of ways whether seeking to gain strength, flexibility, self-discovery, deepen spirituality, or physical or emotional healing. I believe that yoga and meditation are powerful tools for healing transformation and remembering our wholeness.