Heal With Grace

These Wild Times

Wow, these are wild and unprecedented times to say the least.  You may be wondering the best way to stay grounded, calm, and productive during these times.   How can you adapt as you wait for the storm to pass; or better yet, how can you learn to dance in the rain? It is precisely during […]

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Heart Felt Desires

Our heartfelt desires have the ability to bring about the most amount of fulfillment, and often require us going beyond our growing edge. Take a look at how to mitigate and have proper expectations as you move towards your heartfelt desires. Heart felt desires: Acknowledging your heart felt desires is a courageous action, and heart […]

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The Story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree

Have you ever heard of the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree?  It is one that speaks of persistence and quiet patience, of faith, and of never giving up on our dreams.  I heard this story when I was just finishing a 10 day silent meditation retreat.  I was frustrated because all of the things that I […]

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